Specialists in processing returned and undelivered mail

Veridata provides a specialist, automated and quick turn around service for the data capture of Returned and Gone Away Mail.

We capture the data you need from the format you use...

* Alpha numeric
* Alpha
* Barcode (including CodEffect 2d)

We help you comply with the new BSI Standard PAS2020 and qualify for Royal Mail's Sustainable Mail reduced postal rates, and meet EU directives on landfill/‘producer responsibility’ that all waste paper generated is disposed of responsibly.

Our service includes secure destruction and recycling of all waste paper.

Returned mail wastes time and money and missed opportunity for you to gather valuable data. Cut costs by further 50% by using CodEffect.

Cutting Waste. Cutting Costs…

Did you know – we could save you 88% of the cost of your returned mail, cut your carbon footprint and make meeting PAS2020 much simpler.

Proven quick turn around processing service for returned and undelivered mail from UK/Europe. Helps your direct mail be more environmentally sensitive and cost efficient.

Established 1996, we provide bespoke solutions for our clients from international banks to catalogue companies.

Our successful combination of data scanning, validation and waste recycling helps your business meet today’s environmental challenges and improves ROI.

We can save you money call us on 01925 242360 or email info@veri-data.co.uk or use the contact form.

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